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FogBugz Pricing Changes

The price of FogBugz will increase on Aug 15, 2021. However, your price will not change until your next renewal date. New prices would apply only once the current subscription expires. Please note that this is the first time in several years that we’ve raised the base...
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FogBugz - Devgraph Portfolio

FogBugz is now part of the DevGraph portfolio, a collection of application development tools, infrastructure and cloud technologies. Here are just some of our amazing products
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FogBugz - The Road Ahead

FogBugz has been the project management tool of choice for thousands of software development teams. We are delighted to continue adding value to FogBugz and making it more relevant to your evolving needs. 
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What’s Your Support Tool?

Successful project management comes with certain rules, terms and tools which is not easy to achieve. For that reason, my acquaintances in the tech industry expect valuable functionality and productivity in these tools and they want to rely on their resources in order...
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Collecting Feedback From Stakeholders Can Help You Build Software That Matters

If you want to build great products that your end users will love, collecting feedback early and often is a key step in this process. You also want to ensure that you are not just collecting feedback from the end-users but also from stakeholders within your...
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Evidence Based Scheduling

Evidence-Based Scheduling (EBS) is one of the most revolutionary and mindblowing features of project management software today. Joel Spolsky, the inventor of EBS, describes it best:
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How To Keep Track Of Cases In Multiple Projects At Once?

Life is complicated and we all accept it. While we tend to categorize the different aspects of our lives, in reality, things rarely fit neatly inside the little boxes we carve out for them.
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