FogBugz - The Road Ahead

FogBugz has been the project management tool of choice for thousands of software development teams. We are delighted to continue adding value to FogBugz and making it more relevant to your evolving needs. 

We have listened to your feedback and with an eye on the future of software, we have re-written FogBugz to be a cloud native application. Software written native to the cloud presents huge advantages such as increased stability, auto-scaling and improved load handling. FogBugz is now serverless, runs cloud native on AWS, and scales with customer demand. We intend to release a Cloud Native FogBugz in the second half of 2021. This cloud native FogBugz is designed to deliver improved reliability and will become the foundation for future innovation.

Cloud Native FogBugz will be significantly better and you’ll notice these changes:

  • Better Performance
  • Higher Reliability
  • Increased Uptimes
  • Ability to send customer emails from your own servers

All features including APIs have been rewritten. We do not have Kiln integration in the cloud native version yet.

The Alpha version of the Cloud Native FogBugz will be rolled out soon and I invite you to enroll using the link below. The early feedback we would get from your involvement in the alpha program would help shape future product decisions.

Try the Alpha version now!


FogBugz, Project Management Tool

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