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Using Forensic Psychology to Spot Problems in Your Code – Interview with Adam Tornhill

Software Development Metrics – Interview with David Nicolete.

10X Programmer and other Myths in Software Engineering

Direction-Autonomy Model

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The Problems with Open Source (and How to Fix Them) – Interview with Justin Searls

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How to build a code review culture: An Interview with Derek Prior

Refactoring to a happier development team

What’s Your Support Tool?

Manuscript is now FogBugz

Startup Advice From Naomi Freeman

Don't Set New Year's Resolutions – Create Reusable Components

Collecting Feedback From Stakeholders Can Help You Build Software That Matters

Evidence Based Scheduling

How To Onboard Software Engineers Interview with Kate Heddleston

We’re Bad At Interviewing Developers (and How to Fix It) Interview With Kerri Miller

Improve Your Culture With These Team Lunch Tips from 20 Startups

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Why Your Retrospectives Have Become Unproductive?

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Taming A Wild, Testless Code Beast and  4 Steps To Improve Test Coverage

What A Great Software Does

Stop More Bugs With This Code Review Checklist!

Getting Started With Iteration Planner For Agile and Sprint Planning

How To Keep Track Of Cases In Multiple Projects At Once?

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