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FogBugz Pricing Changes

The price of FogBugz will increase on Aug 15, 2021. However, your price will not change until your next renewal date. New prices would apply only once the current subscription expires. Please note that this is the first time in several years that we’ve raised the base...
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FogBugz - Devgraph Portfolio

FogBugz is now part of the DevGraph portfolio, a collection of application development tools, infrastructure and cloud technologies. Here are just some of our amazing products
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FogBugz - The Road Ahead

FogBugz has been the project management tool of choice for thousands of software development teams. We are delighted to continue adding value to FogBugz and making it more relevant to your evolving needs. 
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Using Forensic Psychology to Spot Problems in Your Code – Interview with Adam Tornhill

We interviewed Adam Tornhill, a software architect who combines degrees in Engineering and Psychology to get a different perspective on software. We discuss his book ‘Your Code as a Crime Scene‘, in which he describes using Forensic Psychology techniques to identify...
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Software Development Metrics – Interview with David Nicolete.

We’ve interviewed Dave Nicolette, a consultant specializing in improving software development and delivery methods and author of ‘Software Development Metrics’. We dive into what factors to consider when selecting metrics, examples of useful metrics for Waterfall and...
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10X Programmer and other Myths in Software Engineering

We’ve interviewed Laurent Bossavit, a consultant and Director at Institut Agile in Paris, France. We discuss his book ’The Leprechauns of Software Engineering’, which debunks myths common in Software Engineering. He explains how folklore turns into fact and what to do...
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Direction-Autonomy Model

Management is not about being in charge.
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FogBugz Rebuild Spec

Scope & Solution Summary Product Summary Briefly recap what the product is, focusing on what’s relevant to this change FogBugz is an issue tracking service that simplifies the management of issues for small-medium sized software development teams.  It is primarily used...
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